Two Men Follow and Film a Creepy Stalker in San Francisco

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    If someone’s being creepy with a camera, sometimes the most effective thing to do is get out your own camera and film them right back.

    Jason Juniel and Broadus Parker spotted a creepy older man covertly filming young girls in San Francisco’s Union Square. They followed him and alerted everyone around them to what he was doing.

    They also spotted a hole in the paper bag he was carrying, which allegedly housed a camera to film from a lower angle. “He’s recording!” one of them yelled as they followed him “He’s got a video hole and he’s recording under ladies’ dresses!”

    After a few minutes of this, the police showed up, questioned the suspect and arrested him. The man was charged with a misdemeanor under California Penal Code 647J which you violate when you “secretly photograph or record a person’s body under or through his or her clothing for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification.”

    Meanwhile, the original Facebook post about the incident has been shared over 15,000 times.

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