Survivorman Les Stroud Survives Horrific Car Crash

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  • Survivorman Les Stroud was caravanning down a Mongolian road when suddenly the Toyota Land Cruiser he and three other crew members were travellng in spun sideways, skidded twenty-five feet and rolled. According to those who witnessed the accident, the car rolled twice before coming to a full stop.

    Stroud initially checked on his fellow passengers before allowing the adrenaline in his body to settle. Once it did, however, Stroud found himself unable to speak for ten minutes. When he was able to speak he reportedly said “Max…film…”.

    Max Atwood, the cameraman who was responsible for the show’s B roll, picked up his camera and began to film the aftermath.

    The crew was piled into a microbus, while Stroud was loaded into the remaining vehicles. The ambulance drivers leading the team drove fast and hard, leaving the team often in the dust behind them. The Mongolian drivers at the helm of the other vehicles were routinely falling asleep, and as a result, Stroud ordered the caravan to a stop, so the crew could sleep despite his injuries. On top of all this, the first hospital they visited was a bust. It took well over seven hours to travel to the next hospital and the microbus broke down on the way.

    After several hours, and a driver who’s violent driving actually popped Stroud’s dislocated shoulder back into place, they made it to the hospital. Stroud had sustained three broken ribs, torn chest muscles, a punctured lung, and a dislocated shoulder.

    We’re just glad to see he’s okay, despite the harrowing experience.

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