Small Plane Lands In The Middle Of The Street

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    It’s an interesting day when you come into work and one of the videos blowing up online right now is of a plane landing in the middle of the street about 10 minutes from where you live. It just gets weirder when you learn that said plane is owned by the college you go to, but that’s what my day quickly turned into. A few days ago in Orange County, California a student pilot and their instructor had to make an emergency landing onto a major street. Nobody was hurt, and they landed very close to the airport which the plane is based out of. In the video, once the plane lands – everyone seems to go about their normal day.

    I wonder what it was like just driving on the street, then all of a sudden – driving behind a plane. I don’t know about you guys, but this is definitely one of the strangest events I’ve ever seen recorded on a dash cam!

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