Supermoon Eclipse AND Water Discovered On Mars

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    Beyonce wasn’t the only heavenly body the internet was talking about last night! Hahahaha… Sorry.

    If you enjoy astronomy, or just had access to Instagram at any point after 7:30 PM PST yesterday, you’ll know North America experienced a rare supermoon total eclipse.

    What exactly is that? Basically, it’s when the Earth sits in a straight line between the Sun and the Moon so that its shadow blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the moon, at a time when the moon is as close to Earth as it ever gets. Check out this handy, adorable illustration.

  • This is such a rare event that the next one won’t happen until 2033. Pretty amazing – and a nice excuse to make silly jokes on Twitter.

    Of course, Mars had to go and try to steal Supermoon’s thunder, when NASA announced that there is actual liquid water on Mars in certain circumstances. Satellite images of the red planet found dark streaks on Martian mountainsides, from when water mixed with salt and streamed down the rock.

    Yeah, NASA’s announcement sounded a bit dull, but it’s really big news – water could be the key to finding life on Mars, or living their ourselves one day. And there were even MORE internet jokes about it.

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