Could Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hellish New Movie Nab Him The Oscar?

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  • If the teaser alone wasn’t enough to get you interested, the full trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming epic, “The Revenant” was released this morning, and it looks phenomenal! Is it enough to finally get the Oscar he’s deserved for so many years?

    It’s the question that everyone’s been asking, but the chances of “The Revenant” gaining any interest from the academy may have been hurt by the film’s grueling production. From crew members being cycled through constantly to even the producer being barred from the set, the film faced a bevy of issues that could render it difficult come award season.

    Not only that, but the film itself went over budget and blew past scheduled end dates when there wasn’t enough snow for the film to be completed.

    Only time will tell with this one — or in this case we’ll find out on December 25th, when the film releases. In the meantime, we’ll be here mourning the loss of Leo’s epic beard.

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