Your Mom Wants You To Have Sex! Hilarious Danish Travel Ad

Danish citizens are urged to book vacations so they can repopulate the country.
By Christine Linnell
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    Danish travel company Spies Reiser wants you to book a vacation with them so you’ll have sex and then have babies, which would make your mother SO HAPPY. You wouldn’t want to deny that to your mom, would you? Also, it’s your national duty (assuming you’re Danish).

    The “Do It For Mom” ad campaign encourages people to take sunny vacations and repopulate Denmark, because the country’s birth rate is at its lowest levels in about 30 years and officials are expressing concern about the nation’s ability to support their welfare society in the future.


    Studies show that Danes have about 50% more sex than usual when taking a trip to a sunny location, so Spies Reiser’s commercials are only logical.

    And if you can prove that you conceived a child while on one of their vacations, they’ll even provide you with three years worth of baby supplies for free!