Epic Edward Scissorhands Troll Beats All The Others Before It

There have been some amazing news trolls, but this guy takes the cake.
By Sara Parra
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • If you haven’t caught on to this brilliant troll who was brought on to HLN to defend Edward Snowden, then you are missing out!

    Honestly, the best part of this entire segment was that it was nothing that famed troll Jon Hendren said would have mattered. The “journalist” continued to aggressively question Hendren’s loyalty to Snowden, even long after he gave up the fact he was defending a fictional character instead.

    Outside of the hilarity of the clip itself, it got those of us here at What’s Trending thinking on some of the craziest news trolls we’ve seen in the past. Let’s breakdown some of the best and the worst:

    Source: Esquire / Via: www.esquire.com

  • Keith Guerke Pretends To Be A Chef

    Radio hosts Opie and Anthony brought this troll to everyone’s attention when they featured him on their radio show. Chef Keith Guerke drops in on unsuspecting local newscasters by pretending to be a knowledgeable chef. During his time on the programs, he displays odd and radical food combinations until the station or the hosts figure out his game and cut the segment short. Not only is it amazing that no one checked to see if he was a chef beforehand, he actually managed to get on multiple shows despite his growing reputation for misrepresenting himself.

  • C-Span Gets Bombarded With Calls About Mitt Romney’s Penis

    This classic phone troll left us rolling in our chairs! We’d call this one terrible only because it derailed what could be considered an important political conversation but honestly, this is hilarious.

  • News Broadcasts The Wrong Names For Asiana Flight 214

    This falls into the worse category, as you can imagine how horrific it was for everyone around when this simple troll slipped through and made it on to television. A news broadcast, under the impression they had an exclusive, put up these incredibly racist names before fact checking them. It resulted in one of the greatest blunders in recent journalism history and what I can imagine was a day when several people ended up unemployed.

  • Fox News Trolled By “Former” Obama Supporter

    You can’t go wrong when trolling Fox News! “Former Obama Supporter” Max Rice was a guest on “Fox and Friends” when he pulled off this Colbert-level master troll that ended with the newscaster, former Ms. America, rage-quitting the interview.

    Her reasoning? He’s just not ready for prime time.

    We don’t think prime time was ready for him!

  • F**k Her Right In The P***y [NSFW]

    What started off as a possibly fake viral news clip actually ended up cascading into an actual trend in which people would yell the phrase “F**k her right in the p***y” into or around newscasters microphones.

    The trend started when user John Cain uploaded the video above, and then followed it up with two more videos of an old man in a hoodie saying the phrase either during an interview, or by straight up grabbing the microphone and screaming it. As a result there have been countless instances of the phrase actually being dropped on real journalists creating a meme that has sadly been cemented in our minds for the rest of our lives.

    What are some of your favorite news trolls? Tell us all about them in the comments down below!