This Video Will Give You Diabetes

Do you think he added enough sugar?
By Christine Linnell
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    Behold the glory of Mexican street food, which sometimes contains more sugar than you ever thought possible.

    A street vendor spent an astonishing number of minutes piling more and more ingredients into a plastic cup – by my count we’ve got some kind of red sauce, shaved ice, lime juice, more sauce, sugar, three kinds of diced fruit in syrup, more sauce, a lollipop garnish, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, gummy peach rings, yet more sauce, and then a few dashes of sugar on top, because why not?

    Before you go into a diabetic coma just watching this thing, you might be interested to know that the drink is called a Diablito and the red sauce is chamoy, which is spicy pickled plum; and that’s not straight sugar he pours on the top, it’s a sugar/chili mix. So the drink is actually not as sweet as it looks – at least not until you start piling handfuls of gummy candy on top of it.