Celebrate Autumn with This Drunk Pigeon Video

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    It’s officially October and autumn is upon us, so let’s revisit this poetic narrative about a pigeon that got drunk on fermented apples.

    Using one of the silliest David Attenborough impressions I’ve ever heard, a guy narrates the tale of the wasted pigeon. He’s obviously been rehearsing this for a while, but he still nearly cracks up at the sight of the bird sprawled in the grass.

    “Some of the more irresponsible of our woodland critters reap the benefits of this harvest and get totally fucking wankered,” he says.

    He then pokes and shakes the bird as if it’s a kid who fell asleep at the pub.

    “What’s that? Can’t fly? Well, you’d best leave your keys behind anyway, otherwise there’ll be an accident! Ya pisshead.”

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