Hannah Hart Vlogs About Gun Violence

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  • YouTube star Hannah Hart started her month long vlog series on a serious note yesterday. Hart uploaded a 4 minute video titled “Your Actions Matter” in response to the recent school shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The shooting took place on Monday and killed 10 people when a gunman opened fire in a classroom.

    Hart was visibly disheartened and expressed her frustrations with gun control laws. She used the video to both explain those frustrations and call her viewers to take action. “I think if we take action, we don’t need to take reaction,” Hart said, “we don’t need to wait until more horrible things happen.”

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  • Not only did she call her viewers to action, but also the rest of the internet community by saying “Maybe team internet can get together and we can all do something. And this can be like real measurable, actionable, change and that would be great.”

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