Gabbie Hanna: What’s Trending Podcast Ep 11

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  • Vine star Gabbie Hanna of “The Gabbie Show” was our guest on the What’s Trending Podcast this week, and she held nothing back.

    Talking with our own Shira Lazar and Lon Harris, Gabbie didn’t hesitate to fill us in on the drama in her life, including how she deals with internet trolls. One woman in particular had been trolling her for ages, even though they’d never met in person. “She literally would not come to places because I was going to be there, having never met me, just because she hates my Vines,” Gabbie said.

    At one point Gabbie mentioned the conflict on a broadcast and the girl got called out on Periscope by Gabbie’s fans – and soon, out of nowhere, the girl approached Gabbie at a party.

    “She comes up to me with her damn Periscope live – this is the first time she’s ever spoke to me, I’ve seen her a hundred times in person, she always turns her back on me – she comes up to me on Periscope and says, ‘Oh my god, Gabbie, all my fans think I hate you and like obviously I don’t,’ comes and puts her arm around me. And I’m like, ‘That’s probably because you talk shit about me every single day.’”

    She also told us about her most embarrassing first date disaster, where she tripped over her shoes and fell out of her car, and her date pretended nothing had happened:

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  • Gabbie will be appearing on “Dance Showdown” on October 9 (it’s the internet equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars”). In the meantime, check out our full podcast on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes.

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