Check Out This Amazing Segway Dance Video to “What Do You Mean”

It's the trendiest dance video on the internet right now.
By Christine Linnell
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    Here’s the most internet-friendly thing I’ve seen in a long time: a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean,” performed by dudes on Segways. Because even dancers are too cool to move their legs anymore.

    Seriously, though, as much as I love to make fun of both Justin Bieber and those Segway/Glidr/Flo Board things, this does look pretty cool – and it’s all in one shot, too. You have to wonder how long they rehearsed this.

    The video was directed, choreographed, edited and filmed by David Moore and stars Josh Killacky, Evan Moody, Alex Ditommaso, Damien Lavergne and Jake Deanda. After three days it has well over a million views.