Japanese Gamer Accidentally Burns His House Down on Twitch

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    Ever wondered how fast a fire can spread through a room, and also why you shouldn’t play with matches and lighter fluid, and also the worst way to put a fire out? Go to 4:54 of this video and see for yourself.

    Having filled his metal match box lighter with lighter fluid while he’s live-streaming on Twitch, this Japanese man strikes a match against the box, which immediately goes up in flames in his fingers. As he’s trying to put it out, he sets the still-burning match in a trash bag full of lighter-fluid-soaked tissues and turns his back. By the time he looks again the trash bag is on fire.

    Throughout all of this, the comments of the other gamers on the Twitch stream are played over his speakers from a creepy text-to-voice translator, as they try to tell him how to put the fire out – all of which he gets disastrously wrong.

    He throws the trash bag in a corner full of pillows, laundry and cardboard boxes, where he tries to put it out by hitting it with the cardboard – all of which catches on fire and ignites the thin wood of his closet door. In the time it takes him to run to the kitchen for a mixing bowl full of water, the fire has climbed halfway up the wall. Next he tries to put it out with a large blanket, which could have worked, if he hadn’t fanned the flames with it instead of smothering them.

    At one point his roommate tries to help him douse the room with water, but by then the place is filling with smoke and they’re forced to leave the building. By the time the video cuts out, less than seven minutes after the fire started, the air is so thick you can’t see anything but the glow of the flames.

    This seems to have happened today, so it’s hard to figure out what happened next or whether anyone was injured or killed in the fire.

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