Watch FouseyTUBE’s Pumpkin Pie Prank with Your Fave YouTubers

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    Quest Nutrition has a new Pumpkin Pie flavored Quest Bar (props for not making it Pumpkin Spice, Quest, that took willpower), but they didn’t want to make a boring press release about it. Instead, they recruited FouseyTUBE to play an epic pumpkin pie prank on top YouTubers Joey Graceffa, Rebecca Black, iJustine, JacksFilms, Mike Rashid, and Claudia Sulewski.

    Each oblivious YouTuber is led onto a soundstage, handed a GoPro and challenged to unveil Quest’s new flavor in a way that leaves them with pie all over their face – for instance, Rebecca Black pressing a giant switch that will lower a stunt man from the ceiling, “Mission: Impossible” style, to smash two pies over her head. So satisfying.

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