Cheery Italian Man Makes Homemade Tomato Sauce

“Look how beautiful!”
By Christine Linnell
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    This isn’t your average cooking DIY video.

    This is from back in 2012, but it’s never too late to enjoy a cheerful old Italian man in a crisp white shirt, whistling merrily and speaking in a lovely accent as he explains how to make old-fashioned tomato sauce from scratch with 70 pounds of plum tomatoes, the way his mother taught him in the old days of his Italian village.

    The process takes Chef Pasquale Sciarappa most of the day, slicing and pureeing tomatoes by hand and working over an open fire pit. As he explains, “You wanna good sauce-a, you gotta sweat. No sweat, no sauce-a.”

    You may recognize him from his viral video from a few months back, when he was hopelessly unable to pronounce “Worcestershire Sauce.” Because who can pronounce it, honestly.

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    The Orsara Recipes channel is still going strong, you’ll be happy to know. He has dozens of delicious pasta and pizza recipes, and just a few days ago he made another batch of tomato sauce, this time filmed in 360 degrees.

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