It’s Clever Golden Retrievers Wednesday!

Good dogs.
By Christine Linnell
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    The internet has provided not one but two videos about Golden Retrievers and how happy and smart and cute they are, so today’s pretty awesome.

    In the UK, Zack the Golden Retriever loves ice cream so much that he’s learned to wait for the ice cream truck, take money out to the driver and pay for his own treat every day.

    His owner Jon Hubble explained in the comments, “After having mast cell tumours three years ago, he went up to over 53kg but has now lost over 18kg in the last 13 months due to a change of diet – at 35kg now, the small ice creams are his one daily treat!”

    And in Germany, these two Golden Retrievers have learned to play the piano by ear. They find the right keys on a piano with paw-sized keys after their owner plays them on a keyboard. The video is from last year but Reddit is rediscovering it this week.

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    What can your dog do?