Lance Bass Clarifies Sexual Harassment Claims

Lance Bass further explains what occurred while he was with *NSYNC
By Ashley McGetrick
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  • While appearing on the Meredith Vieira Show Lance Bass revealed that he was inappropriately touched while he was preforming with *NSYNC. When the topic of sexual harassment came up during a group discussion, Bass responded by saying “This also happens with men too. I mean, its a two way street. It has happened to me.”

    He elaborated and said that someone who *NSYNC worked with had molested him and his band mates. “When I was 16 to 17 years old when we started there was someone that we worked with that was inappropriately touching us.” Bass said.

    Also on the show, Bass labeled the person as a pedophile by saying; “And I was even aware then at 16 that this guy was a pedophile and he was touching me oddly. I didn’t feel victimized at the time because I was very aware of it.”

    That claim later came into question and Bass clarified it on his Sirius XM radio show by explaining what he meant by “inappropriate touching.” He said, “You know, where they kinda give you the massages and he always did the whole thing like, ‘Oh, yeah, if I massage your bicep like this it’ll look much bigger. Just basically a reason to touch someone.”