Watch This Powerful Time Lapse of a Trans Man’s Transition

He took a selfie every day for three years after starting hormone treatments.
By Christine Linnell
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    British transgender man Jamie Raines documented his transition over three years by taking a selfie every day. The resulting time-lapse video tells a powerful story about a person growing into himself.

    Raines was 18 when he started taking hormones and tracked every change in his voice, build and facial hair through YouTube and Tumblr, including the 1,400 selfies.

    His story will be featured on the documentary “Girls to Men” airing in the UK on October 13, and airing in America at a later date:

    “Girls to Men” follows three young Brits going through extraordinary transformations to fulfill their dream of becoming men. The film features unprecedented access to surgical procedures including breast removal and phalloplasty – the creation of their own, functioning penises. The film also meets the increasingly confident online community of young trans men bearing everything on social media.