Broad City Does Columbus Day

Find out the true meaning of this holiday with Ilana and Abbi.
By Rachel Kiley
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  • Broad City may be on a long hiatus between seasons, but stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson know better than to leave us without content. Today’s extra video? The fictional versions of themselves musing on Columbus Day and how best to celebrate or protest. How timely!

    The humor is everything you normally expect from Broad City, finding its strengths in allowing its stars to riff off one another. The entire scene is just Ilana and Abbi arguing via webcam about whether or not to go into work, but it’s the casual-yet-outlandish comedy we’ve all come to love from this talented duo. You won’t be disappointed.

    And of course, by the end, they realize its best to pay homage to the only truly heroic Christopher Columbus — the director of Home Alone.