Watch This Rattlesnake Take Out a GoPro

That's terrifying, GoPro, thanks a lot.
By Christine Linnell
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    YouTube user Michael Delaney is the latest to get a viral GoPro after his camera was attacked by a pissed-off rattlesnake.

    Delaney was filming the pit of snakes with his GoPro – either it was on a long stick or on a drone, not really sure – when the snakes got annoyed and started striking it, giving us lucky viewers an exact picture of what it looks like when a rattlesnake bites you in the face.

    Then one of the snakes got a particularly good shot and the camera was knocked into the pit with them. Delaney had to use a hockey stick to fish it out.

    If you check out the rest of his channel, you’ll see he films rattlesnake dens with GoPros pretty regularly. I bet the rattlesnakes in his area hate him. He’s also dabbled in irritating cows.

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