Roman Atwood Fake-Killed His Kid Again

His girlfriend was screaming as her child’s 4-wheeler exploded! So funny!
By Christine Linnell
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    You know what never stops being hilarious? Fiery death. Especially when it involves children, with their mothers watching in horror! Hahahaha!

    For Roman Atwood’s latest prank, he and his girlfriend Brittney were buying a used ATV for their three-year-old son Kane – but she didn’t know that the ATV was remote-controlled and Atwood had a child-sized dummy suited up, so he could swap them out when she wasn’t looking and stage a terrible accident.

    As she was walking back from their truck, she saw what looked like her son careening off in an out-of-control vehicle, which flipped over a ramp and burst into flames. Atwood held her back as she screamed and tried to run toward the explosion.

    When she finally realized it was a prank, she angrily told her boyfriend “That is not funny,” then kicked him in the shin and flipped him off when he replied “It’s a little funny. You still love me, right?”

    This is the part where I pause to be skeptical about the whole situation, because this isn’t even the first time the notorious prankster has fake-murdered Kane in front of her – remember that time he pretended to throw his son off a balcony? good fun – and the audio from Brittney is so clear throughout the video that she must have been wearing a microphone.

    Whether it’s real or not, though, let’s send out a friendly reminder to any parents out there dying to get internet famous: traumatizing your friends and family with fake accidents is more likely to end in ruined relationships – or, god forbid, someone actually getting hurt.

    Try dressing up your pets in costumes instead, that shit’s hilarious.

    Don’t miss Atwood’s behind-the-scenes video, where he sits next to his seething girlfriend in the car and thanks all the people who worked so hard to make this prank happen, like he’s winning a damn Oscar.

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