Jennifer Aniston is Terrified of Flying Like a Commoner in Emirates Ad

Rich people who have to fly in Normal First Class really have it rough.
By Christine Linnell
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    Middle Eastern airline Emirates hired cute, relatable Jennifer Aniston to advertise that they’re now offering showers and bar service on some of their flights, and a lot of people hate it.

    In the commercial, Anniston has a nightmare that she’s flying in an ordinary plane with no showers – you know, along with us common folk – until she wakes up in her private Emirates suite with closing doors, a personal mini bar, a fully flat bed, and access to a shower room with heated floors and awesome water pressure.

    Meanwhile, people flying coach with Spirit Airlines or whatever are getting less and less room, no free snacks, and have to pay $25 a bag to check our luggage; so it’s pretty annoying to watch Jennifer Aniston complain that first class isn’t fancy enough.