This Is Not How You Feminism

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    I’m a feminist who believes the police should be held accountable if they abuse their power over American citizens. This is super not one of those situations.

    After a police officer pulled over a couple and handcuffed the driver for what seems like a routine investigation – if I had to make a wild guess, I’d say they were speeding or something and then the officer smelled pot in the car – the girl in the passenger seat starts filming with her phone and loudly informs the officer that he has no authority over them because they are Free Inhabitants – you know, those hippie types who believe they don’t have to follow laws or pay taxes.

    “That law only applies to US citizens,” she lectures the entirely reasonable but increasingly annoyed officer. “I am not a US citizen. I am a free inhabitant. I am of the Earth. I do not belong to any corporation, I do not belong to any country.”

    When she finally pushes it to the point of impeding his investigation, he follows routine and handcuffs her – and she completely loses her shit. “You’re raping me!” she screams. “This is rape!”

    The whole thing would be funny if it didn’t give every sexist dudebro on the internet an opportunity to go “FEMINISTS, AMIRIGHT?”

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