“Pitch Perfect 2,” Beatboxing and Porn: Jay Walker & 80 Fitz on #WTPodcast

The Vine stars talked to Shira Lazar about the latest internet news and beatboxing culture.
By Christine Linnell

  • Vine stars Jay Walker (who is also one of our hosts, conveniently enough) and 80 Fitz from “Pitch Perfect 2” were our guests on the What’s Trending Podcast this week, talking with Shira Lazar about the latest news – a lot of which happened to be about porn.

    They started with Playboy getting rid of nude pictures to appeal more to the Millennial generation. “That literally makes no sense,” Jay said. “Nobody in our generation is really into Playboy anymore.”

    There was also the story about hardcore porn playing over the intercom at Target earlier this week. “There’s no way that was an accident,” 80 Fitz said. “That had to be a prank. Nobody absent-mindedly has hardcore porn next to the intercom. Like ‘Oh no, why is this playing?’”

    Moving on to more personal topics, Jay and 80 Fitz talked about being friends since 3rd grade and learning how to beatbox together. “YouTube didn’t really exist, so we had Limewire and we’d download little samples of Rahzel. He did this classic beatbox routine ‘If You Only Knew’ where he sang and beatboxed at the same time, and it blew our minds.”

    That led to 80 Fitz being the beat boxer for an a cappella group in college, which eventually landed him a role in “Pitch Perfect 2.” “I lived the Pitch Perfect life. When I saw the first Pitch Perfect, I was like ‘My college a cappella experience was this, but R-rated.’ Pitch Perfect is dialed back.”

    You can listen to the whole podcast on Soundcloud or download it on iTunes.