Five Things That Aren’t Pranks has some useful points about what's a prank and what's just being a jerk.
By Christine Linnell
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    In the wake of Roman Atwood’s latest “oops I just killed my own child in front of his mother” stunt which is getting bajillions of views, has released an important PSA about what a prank is supposed to be, versus the pointlessly obnoxious behavior some YouTubers think pranks are.

    Because seriously, guys. It’s getting to be a serious problem.

    Host Cody Johnston breaks down the definition of the word “prank” as a practical joke designed to make someone look foolish. “Some of the best pranks are ones that make a person question their entire reality. Because a fool doesn’t understand the world they live in. They look at something and go ‘What?” or experience something and go ‘What just happened?’”

    To illustrate, he compares Roman Atwood’s video where he seems to knock over trash cans by sneezing – a good prank which makes random people on the street flip out for a second – and his more famous video where he pretends to throw his youngest son over a second-floor bannister and terrifies his girlfriend.

    “Who is the fool in this prank? Is it the wife who stays with the boy she married? I would say no.”

    Other things that aren’t pranks: lying, being a mean jerk, bothering people, creepy Sam-Pepper-type sexual harassment, and racism.