Barbie Releases Adorable and Encouraging “You Can Be Anything” Commercial

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  • Last week, Barbie released a new ad featuring young girls doing all sorts of cool jobs. A museum tour guide, a college professor, even a men’s soccer coach! We’re absolutely in love with this commercial, because it’s not only ultra-adorable, but super encouraging! It also raises the question….why aren’t there any high schools for dogs? That college professor was really onto something.

    In the comments, someone tried to make the argument that boys can play with Barbies too – and they can. But that’s not the point this commercial is trying to make. The commercial is just encouraging girls to go after the jobs they really want, something that boys have always been encouraged to do.

    “Variety” magazine is actually honoring multiple women this month, one of them being Anna Kendrick. At the honoree’s dinner, she gave a speech about the fact that it’s not even hyper competitive fields like her own where women have to fight. She talks about her mother struggling at the beginning of her accounting career, because that just wasn’t a career that women were encouraged to get into.

    The full speech can be seen here, and the rest of the magazine’s “Power of Women” videos can be found on their Facebook page.

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