Ryan Adams Interviews Taylor Swift About Writing “1989”

Who knew Siri hated Taylor Swift so much?
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Taylor Swift is on GQ’s cover this month, so the magazine decided to bring the original artist behind hit album “1989” and the artist behind the most notable cover of it together to talk about the writing process of the album. They talk about Taylor’s obsession with asking Siri ridiculous questions, and Siri never being there for her. They even go into the source of Taylor’s high pitched “STAY” during the chorus of “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” being from a dream that Taylor had. Taylor talks about the different feelings that their separate renditions of the songs had, saying Ryan’s was just a plea for his partner to stay. Note that Ryan has stated before that “1989” was all he listened to while going through a difficult time in his life, presumably about his divorce from singer and actress Mandy Moore.

    The interview definitely gives some insight into both artists’ song writing process and style. It definitely shows us how Ryan Adam consistently churns out album after album, the dude is just writing 24/7 whether he means to or not!

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    Taylor’s issue of GQ is on stands now.