Unicef Creates Potty Training Video….For Adults?

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  • The PSA produced by Unicef is an attempt to stop “open defecation” in India. According to the press release, the 620 million strong population sees only half using toilets while the other half have become blind to the practice of public defecation.

    The song was composed by Shrikanth Sriram who created the theme music for “Life of Pi”. Sriram stated that the smell of feces “…brings me home with a thud! I would rather have the smell of Pav Baji bring me home. Anyone trying to do anything about public defecation needs to be supported fully. And the best I can do is to write some music to help.”

    So far, the campaign seems to have slowly begun being adopted by Indian youth. Particularly, it appears to be centered around academic institutions such as IIT Delhi who have taken it upon themselves to spearhead the project with poster-making and mobile app development.

    As hilarious as this might seem, India has seen it’s share of debt caused by the practice. It’s amazing to see the internet being used as a platform for awareness to what others might think is an embarrassing issue.

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