How to Sneak Into Theme Parks, from The Hacks of Life

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    Everybody loves Disney Land and Disneyworld – but now that they’ve heartlessly raised their ticket prices, how can any average broke person afford to go?

    “All said and done, a family of four would spend $1000 minimum for one day of fun,” says Mike Capes from “The Hacks of Life.” “So unless you’re Walt’s cousin Larry and you inherited all that money, the only ride you’re going on is Mr. Broke’s Wild Ride Into Debt.”

    To address this problem, “The Hacks of Life” demonstrates how to sneak your adult friend into your favorite theme park without taking out a second mortgage.

    Capes lays out the details of successfully smuggling in his friend Mikey Bolts in a large baby stroller, skipping the line at the best rides using a magical clipboard and a Line Survey Questionnaire, trading cheap convenience store burgers for expensive Disneyland ones, and finding souvenirs at the Lost & Found.

    It’s blatantly cheating the Disney corporation, but somehow it’s hard to feel indignant about it.

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