Motorcyclist Saves Kitten!

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  • It’s a harrowing video to watch! A small kitten, barely even noticeable at first, was in the middle of a major intersection when it was spotted by the motorcyclist.

    At one point, you can even see the kitten being helplessly blown around by the wind generated by passing cars! Thankfully, the biker was able to stop traffic long enough for her to hand off the kitten to a woman watching nearby before taking the terrified little creature home with her.

    The kitten is now happily living with its new owner, and has been named Skidmark. The motorcyclist uploaded two adorable updates, in case you wanted to see how the animal is doing.

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  • The new kitten owner stated in the latest update that profits from the video were being used to help Skids, as the poor little guy had ringworm, and are also being put towards the local animal shelter. We’re just glad he’s alright!

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