The World Welcomes Adele Back After “Hello” Release

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  • Adele is back! Her first video in 3 years dropped last night, and her performance is nothing short of amazing. It’s hard to believe that she ever had any vocal complications in the last few years at all. The video features Adele herself, and Tristan Wilds (who previously played Dixon Wilson on the CW’s 90210) remembering the deterioration of a relationship. Of course this story plays out behind Adele’s new track “Hello.” a powerful, somber song about trying to apologize for the past.

    The track and video makes us so excited to hear the rest of Adele’s upcoming “25” album. It looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t wait, “Adele” is the top trend on Twitter right now. Here are some of the reactions to the video release.

  • We’re going to pre-order the album now, which has already edged out some of the top albums this week…in a single day. Will you be picking up the new album?

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