Revlon Tests Love in New Video

A little pampering can go a long way!
By Ashley McGetrick
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  • A new video uploaded by Revlon is make the rounds this week and has garnered more than 4 million views. The video focuses on a study the brand sponsored regarding how love and pampering can be correlated.

    The makeup brand partnered with Fordham University and studied the effect of daily routines on overall happiness. The participants were told to spend a small amount of time each morning “facing a mirror, using a favorite fragrance, applying makeup, savoring a candy, taking a deep breath and looking at yourself and smiling.”

    According to the study, “97 percent of participants reporting a significant positive change in them within the first week of adopting the ritual.” It also concluded that “71 percent reported an increased desire for romance, 69 percent were more open to finding love, 77 percent felt more outgoing and social, and 74 percent said they were more likely to flirt.”

    The video shows a variety of couples of different ages and relationship lengths. The couples reveal what helps or hurts their love lives the most. Then the women are sent back home for a week to complete the Fordham University study. When they are reunited with their loved ones in the video, you are guaranteed to let out at least on “d’awwwwwww”.

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  • The video may seem familiar. That’s probably because it is directed by Tatia Pilieva, that director of last year’s viral “First Kiss” video.

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