Anna Lore & Rob Fee on 3nder, Drake, and Hating “Gilmore Girls” – #WTPodcast

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  • Anyone who subscribes to What’s Trending on YouTube knows there’s never a dull moment when Anna Lore is hosting – and you can double that when she brings along her boyfriend, comedian Rob Fee, as she did on the What’s Trending Podcast with Hayley Hoover this week.

    Sticking with the sexy theme that our podcast somehow always falls into, they started off talking about the new app 3nder, which is specifically for people looking for threesomes.

    “That’s the worst name for any app they could have possibly come up with,” Anna said. “3nder is terrible.”

    They also discussed the internet’s glee at Drake being a terrible dancer in the “Hotline Bling” video. “Drake has become the new Kanye, in that if you say anything about him, there’s a million people who are like ‘Well, let me explain why Drake is great,’” Rob pointed out. “The big controversy of that song was that he had ripped off a beat from someone else.”

    Other topics included how much they both hate “Gilmore Girls” (Hayley loves it), those special Pepsi bottles from “Back to the Future,” the impracticality of Ecstasy disguised as Halloween candy, and hilarious jokes about child predators on the internet.

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