Howie Mandel Is High As A Kite Post Endoscopy

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  • Vlogger Alex Mandel recorded his dad, America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, as he was waking up after an endoscopy. Alex, clearly thought it would be entertaining to see his father high as a kite post surgery, he just didn’t know just how entertaining his dear old dad would be!

    Turns out, Howie Mandel is the nicest high man you could ever meet. Howie clearly has no idea that it’s Alex in the room with him, while he proudly tells the nurse of his son’s accomplishments. Howie also expresses that he doesn’t really understand what YouTubers do, but he’s super proud of his son for finding his own way to be successful on the platform. Howie is also super said that squirrels can’t talk, because there’s just so much to say!

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