Does Reddit Support Freebooting?

By Sara Parra
The guys behind Corridor Digital make a video that changes Reddit's tune!
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  • Reddit, the internet aggregate that takes no guff from outsiders, might actually be changing its tune after a video on freebooting was linked on the popular platform.

    Corridor Digital’s Sam and Niko released the video above, which was quickly linked on the subreddit /r/videos. It quickly rose to the top of the list, and surprisingly so did other content pertaining to it. Another video of a YouTube creator known as Dinosaur Kid also gained a lot of attention. In it, the child pleads with viewers about 2 other users stealing his content and uploading it as their own.

    On top of that, a reposted video was quickly tagged with “Original in Comments,” so the original creators would get credit where credit is due.

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  • It’s great to see Reddit embracing what Sam and Niko have warned them about. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end for freebooting on the site!