Bad Lip Reading of First Democratic Debate

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    We had a great time with Bad Lip Reading’s parody of the first Republican presidential debate, so it’s only fair we check out the Democrats too.

    As in the real version of the debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had all the best moments, starting with Sanders saying “This woman makes dynamite beans” and Clinton agreeing, “I do! Pinto! Pinto!”

    Sander later fails the Noun Challenge and tells moderator Anderson Cooper, “Hey look, I see a dead person. He’s got your eyes!”

    Cooper then asks “Should I get a scooter?” to which Clinton responds, “Hey, the white boy thinks it’s scooter time.”

    Don’t miss Drawing Corner, where the candidates talk about drawings they made earlier in the evening. “I drew this bird that shoots a man in his pee-wee,” Clinton said. “And I think that it really should have more wizards.”

    It’s safe to say she won this (fake) round.

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