Super-Rich Dave Asprey “Hacks” Himself with Butter Coffee & Cryochambers

Munchies interviewed the very eccentric and very wealthy entrepreneur on his biohacking lifestyle.
By Christine Linnell
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    A comment on the latest video from the Munchies food channel basically sums up how I feel about their subject: “This is what happens when you give hipsters money.”

    Entrepreneur Dave Asprey has lots and lots of money to spare and a firm belief in his own awesomeness, so he set out to reprogram his body and brain through the use of a heavily-branded health lifestyle.

    “For the past 15 or so years, I’ve spent north of $300,000 hacking myself,” he explains in his home and biohacking center in an undisclosed location in British Columbia, Canada. “Where most people would save money or buy cars or whatever else they would do, I’ve instead invested money in things that make me perform better.”

    The most famous part of this is Bulletproof Coffee, which is basically expensive black coffee with butter in it. But it doesn’t stop there – he also uses a very specific diet, balance exercises, electro-stimulation, cryochambers and sensory deprivation tanks.

    Is it medically or scientifically sound? I highly doubt it. Is it a fascinating glimpse at the mindset generated by wealth and overconfidence? Yup.