Bieber Says “I’ll Show You” to the World in New Video

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  • Justin Bieber has been on a tireless crusade to try to regain a positive public image for the past year, from being roasted on Comedy Central to going on talk shows and simply apologizing. But apologies for bad behavior to save face are commonplace and fairly empty when you’re a public figure, and only time will tell if Biebz truly has turned over a new leaf, or if he’s still the same thoughtless kid he’s been for the past however many years.

    And apparently, at least on some level, Justin knows that, because his latest single/music video is called “I’ll Show You” and, well, basically says exactly that. But in a kind of passive aggressive “you don’t know my life” kind of way.

    Saying “I’ll show you” and actually showing us aren’t quite the same thing. Is he trying to just say all the things so we won’t notice he isn’t doing them? Or is this the next step on his path to finding redemption?

    We’ll see, Justin. We’ll see.

    Either way, with over 3.4 million views racked up in a day alone, he’s certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

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