The Rufus Cuff Let’s You Be The Spy Of Your Dreams

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  • That’s right, you can now be like all those spies in big Hollywood action blockbusters with this giant smart watch. Well, it’s not even really a smart watch, it’s just a “small” smartphone in a case that allows you to wear it as a watch. But in case you’re ever in a situation where you REALLY have to Skype someone while you’re out on your run, it’s now possible!

    I feel like if this came out in 2013, people would be all for it – but with things like the Pebble Time, Samsung Gear, Apple Watch etc. – while they can do less, they’re enough for what people need them for. The Rufus just seems like overkill. The Rufus doesn’t seem like it’s a form factor many people are willing to tolerate. What do you think? Would you wear it on your wrist?

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