Ellen’s Pal Macey Tries Ventriloquism

By Ashley McGetrick
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • You may recognize Macey from her many appearances on Ellen. Known for being the cutest presidential expert of all time, Macey is always getting sent to historical landmarks by Ellen and she is always adorable wherever she goes.

    Well, this time Macey is back with her FUNNIEST appearance yet. Macey started taking ventriloquist classes (why? Because why the heck not) and has some new skills to show off. You HAVE to see her perform her ventriloquist act with her custom made George W. Bush doll. It’s one of those videos you just have to see for yourself. Consider it our gift to you. Enjoy the belly laughs and desperate urges to adopt Macey immediately.