Twitter Vigilante Puts The Fat Jew’s Book Online

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    Karma is a magnificent bitch sometimes.

    You may remember the numerous times that the internet has convulsed with anger over Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky, a comedian/“aggregator” who likes to scroll through the internet, copy other people’s jokes and post them to his own Twitter and Instagram accounts as if he made them up. Every now and then he’ll give people credit, but usually only when the original poster confronts him for stealing their work.

    Well, now he’s got a book called “Money Pizza Respect” – and in a brilliant stroke of revenge, anonymous Twitter user @updog7 stole a copy and posted the whole thing online. With the cheeky profile “hey there, i wrote a book,” the account consists entirely of 126 photographs showing every page.

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    I glanced through until I got to this little poem, which was enough to reassure me that this book is definitely not one that I need to read.

    A Haiku 4 U:

    Goldie Hawn: still hot

    I would really eat her butt

    after spinning class

    The pinned tweet for @updog7 has already been withheld by Twitter due to a complaint from the copyright holder (ugh, it’s SO PERFECT) so it’s only a matter of time before this account disappears like the special, beautiful but fleeting snowflake that it is. Enjoy the glory while you can – and don’t buy The Fat Jew’s book.

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