“Desert Rose” Film Project – A Western With a Feminist Theme

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  • When our production editor Alex “Splice” Jones is not busy doing a bang-up job putting together “What’s Trending Now” and “What’s Trending Fem” videos, he’s writing and producing innovative short films. His latest film project, a Western called “Desert Rose,” is close to reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter – and after getting a first look, we definitely want this film to get made.

    Written and co-produced by Jones and directed by Ryan K. McNeal, “Desert Rose” centers around Emilia, a woman left for dead after a group of bandits raid her home and kill her husband. Tired of feeling helpless, she takes up her husband’s gun and fights both for justice and for respect as a woman surviving alone in a harsh world.

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  • “I’ve always been surrounded by strong women,” Jones explains. “Watching films, especially Westerns, the women tend to be one-dimensional. Either they’re a love interest, a prostitute or some kind of reward. So I kind of wanted to write a story that was truer to my experiences. A story where a woman’s journey is in service of no-one else but herself.”

    The filmmakers scouted several ghost towns and mining communities for film locations that would capture the isolated, unforgiving life on the frontier during the 1800s. The film’s soundtrack will be composed by Jennifer Thomas, who is known for her award-winning, evocative piano-centered music.

    The Kickstarter campaign has reached just over $3,000 of its $4,000 goal, with 19 days to go. If you’d like to support some quality independent filmmaking, consider donating or sharing the Kickstarter page to get the word out.

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