University of Missouri President Steps Down Over Racism Outcry

Tim Wolfe announced his resignation after the Mizzou football team joined campus-wide protests.
By Christine Linnell
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    A top trending story from the University of Missouri is both a bright spotlight on racism on college campuses and a demonstration of the power of protest – especially when football players get involved.

    Or, a bunch of pampered SJW Millennials are growing up to be whiny useless losers and somehow overthrowing America at the same time. Depends on who you ask.

    Today Timothy Wolfe stepped down as University of Missouri president after a wave of student and faculty protests over his failure to properly address the culture of racism at the school – a culture that included racial slurs being shouted at black students and a swastika scrawled in human feces on a university building. Graduate student Jonathan Butler responded with a hunger strike, the student government demanded Wolfe’s resignation, and teachers canceled classes for two days.

    The final blow was when the Mizzou football team announced they would refuse to play until he left. Missing the game against Brigham Young University next weekend would cost the university $1 million.

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    Wolfe announced his resignation just before meeting with the Board of Curators. “We got frustrated with each other, and we forced individuals like Jonathan Butler to take immediate action and unusual steps to affect change,” he said. “This is not, I repeat, not the way change should come about. Change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation, and we have to respect each other enough to stop yelling at each other and start listening, and quit intimidating each other.”

    He said he took full responsibility for the frustration and inaction.

    The news is getting cheers from activists online and harsh criticism from opponents of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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  • Meanwhile, University of Missouri students and alumni are talking about their experiences on campus. Juana Summers writes in an op-ed for Mashable that the culture of racism existed long before Wolfe took office:

    Tim Wolfe […] wasn’t in charge when I attended Mizzou. He wasn’t the university system president in 2010 when two white students threw cotton balls onto the lawn of the school’s black culture center and were later convicted of … littering. Nor was Wolfe at Mizzou when, in 2011, a student painted a racist slur outside a residence hall.

    Wolfe also wasn’t on campus the day students threw a beer bottle at me from the balcony of an off-campus apartment building. My offense? Daring to date someone of a different race and to leave a party with him.