Douchebag Teen Driver Falsely Accuses Man of Molesting Him

This was not a smart move on the kid's part.
By Christine Linnell
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    If you’re going to falsely accuse someone of molesting you, you probably shouldn’t do it while they’ve literally got you on camera proving they never touched you. You idiot.

    In a video that’s delighting Reddit today, Chris Lundstrom of Napa Valley, California took out his phone and filmed a confrontation with a kid who was recklessly driving through the neighborhood near a school, running stop signs and endangering people with his Ford Fiesta. Lundstrom said that other people in the neighborhood had also complained and he was planning to send the footage to police.

    After a while, the kid got out his own phone and threatened to call 911, claiming repeatedly that Lundstrom was “molesting” him – even though the camera footage clearly shows that Lundstrom came nowhere near touching him.

    In a comment on the original video, Lundstrom elaborated: “The school had no choice but to file a report with Child Protective Services, then, on the basis of making those false allegations he was kicked out of the school and criminal charges are being filed.”

    He also claims that the kid’s mother has tried to contact him and resolve the situation amicably. Good luck with that one.