We’re Loving “Party Fun Times” with Taryn Southern

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    What’s not to love about our friend Taryn Southern’s new show “Party Fun Times”? Just one episode in and it has everything we love about the internet: epic cat videos, Flula Borg, trolling people on the streets of LA, drunk conversations about penises…

    So into it.

    “Here on Party Fun Times, each week we’re throwing a party at a new location to celebrate the weirdness of the World Wide Web,” Taryn says.

    This week’s location: the garage/bedroom/lair of the one and only Flula Borg, who is totally Taryn’s best friend (except not really). In the premiere episode, we get to meet her long-suffering production crew, talk to the man who won the “Smallest Penis in Brooklyn” pageant and hit the streets of Venice Beach to see what those weirdos have in their Google search histories.

    Don’t miss Taryn and Flula’s bonkers music video about cats and how much the internet loves them.

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