Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Swear in Front of Elmo

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    I think it’s about time for more vintage behind-the-scenes “Sesame Street,” don’t you?

    The internet has rediscovered another gem from the 1994 “Sesame Street All-Star 25th Birthday” special – you know, the one where Joe Pesci played a parody of Donald Trump and spat on Elmo’s head. This time it’s “Seinfeld” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who swore in front of Elmo after flubbing her line.

    “Shit, sorry,” she said, right where Elmo and his friend Zoe could hear her.

    “She said a bad word!” Elmo yelled. “Five dollars!”

    Louis-Dreyfus grinned and played along, saying, “You’re going to be a rich Muppet at the end of this day.”

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