What Films Get Wrong About the Future

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  • In light of last month’s celebration of “Back to the Future Day” (aka the day we all were extra bummed we still don’t have hover boards), one YouTuber has created a compilation of past films that were set in the future, highlighting all the ways our world is…not any of those things. Everything from transportation to fashion to bizarre mutant creatures that live amongst humanity is just plain inaccurate. Sometimes it’s for the best (uh, Planet of the Apes, anyone?) but other times, it’s fairly disappointing to realize we were raised on misleading promises of the technologically savvy world we should’ve been living in by the time we became adults (SERIOUSLY, what about those hover boards??).

    Admittedly, the world hasn’t ended yet, so who knows what 2040, 2060, or, let’s be more realistically, the year 3000 may bring. (A barren wasteland, probably. But MAYBE there will have been hover boards some time in between.)

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