Watch a Pair of Eagles Grab a Drone From Midair

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    Animals attacking drones and GoPro cameras are becoming a morbid fascination of mine – from birds knocking them out of the sky to rattlesnakes dragging them into their snake pit, this new YouTube trend gives us an idea of what being prey might feel like.

    The latest selection is a doozy: YouTube user Patrick Pircher was flying his DJI Phantom 3 drone over mountains and forests, getting some pretty spectacular views, when the drone spotted two eagles flying nearby. Pretty cool – until the birds circled closer, attacked the drone, grabbed it in their talons and flew off with it.

    The birds carried the drone down to the ground and examined it, and it was only then they realized they hadn’t caught food after all. It looks like the drone wasn’t damaged and Pircher got it back unharmed – and more importantly, the drone’s propellers were soft enough that the eagles weren’t injured.

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