Get Ready to Fall In Love with Imogen the Baby Koala

This adorable baby koala at Symbio Wildlife Park just turned one year old.
By Christine Linnell
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    The clear winner for #FuzzyFriday is this baby koala named Imogen, who is melting hearts all over the internet with this video of her playing in a basket for a photo shoot when she was just 10 months old.

    Imogen, who turns one year old this weekend, is a resident of the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia. She first blessed the internet with her adorableness back in June with video of her properly meeting her mother for the first time.

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    Not long after that, a much younger koala joey’s mother died, so Imogen’s mother became its foster mom and zookeepers Kylie and Matt took over Imogen’s upbringing – leading to all the footage of cuddles, bottle-feedings and romping around that you could want.

    The zoo will be celebrating Imogen’s birthday with a lot more cuteness on their Facebook page throughout the week.