Toddler Sings Herself to Sleep With the “Star Wars” Imperial March

This is both adorable and slightly sinister.
By Christine Linnell
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    This cute little girl will grow up to become either the biggest “Star Wars” fan ever, or a deadly Sith lord. Let’s hope for the first one.

    “We watched Star Wars with our kids recently, and our toddler (2 and a half) really enjoyed the bits she saw before her bedtime,” YouTube user Jonathan H. Liu said. “One of her favorite parts: the Imperial March. Here she is singing it to herself in her crib (as seen through the baby monitor).

    That’s cute and everything, but I’d keep an eye on this kid if I were him. Little Anakin Skywalker was pretty adorable for a while there too, before he grew up to be a whiny jerk and then the epitome of the Dark Side.

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